• I Can Help Your Baby Start Out With Great Sleep Patterns!bigstock-Newborn-babies-asleep-on-a-whi-33737786


Great Sleep for the Whole Family

Are you and your baby(ies) ready for more sleep? I can help!  I’ve seen firsthand how exhausting and frustrating it can be for parents and babies to lack the sleep they need, and I would love to help you change your baby’s sleep habits so that everyone feels more rested, happy, and healthy.  Get Started!


Sleep Goals

I can help your baby(ies) under 18 months of age to:

  • Sleep longer stretches at night

  • Eliminate all night feedings (as age and weight appropriate)

  • Nap better and longer during the day

  • Get on a routine for feeding, playing, and sleeping

  • Get to sleep earlier in the evening and sleep longer in the morning


About Me

My name is Sarah Knapp, and I started helping families with newborns professionally over  4 years ago in the Dallas area. I have worked with both twins and single babies of many ages, and I would be happy to help you, whether you have one child or more with sleep challenges.  Since we can communicate entirely over email and the phone, I can help you no matter where you live!  I believe in using gentle methods to help children sleep better, not cry it out methods.