Awake Time Activities for Newborns

When your baby is still so new, awake time is a special time to interact and make eye contact.  He may even imitate you if you stick out your tongue! In the early days, when your newborn is still so sleepy, sometimes it may be hard to keep him awake for even an hour at a time, but it’s important to do this during the day so that he doesn’t want his awake time at night.

Once you’ve fed him as part of that awake time, you can put him on a play mat or blanket for tummy time, even from the very beginning.  You may just start out with 5 minutes or so, but as he gets bigger, you can gradually increase it.

Naturally, holding him and interacting is a sweet activity while he’s awake.

If you aren’t making bathtime a part of your bedtime routine, you can also bathe your baby during his awake time.  If your baby cries during his bath, it may be because he’s cold.  You could make sure the water is warm enough, have more of him in the water, cover his torso and arms with a thicker wet washcloth, and turn on a space heater.

If the weather is nice, you could put your baby in a stroller or in a sling, and take him on a walk.  That may be soothing and sweet for both of you to get some exercise and a change of scenery.  Many babies love being outside.