Bedtime Routine for 6-9 Months

By this age, your baby is really cluing into what is happening, and a bedtime routine should help him to wind down and settle into sleep more easily.  He may start fighting you a little when he knows what is happening, but it’s for his good to go ahead and help him to sleep. 7:00 – 7:30 is still a good time for him to be in his crib asleep.  If it works better for your family for the bedtime to be later, that may still work fine.  Often though, babies have a harder time sleeping longer in the morning than going to bed earlier at night, to get the right amount of sleep.

Hopefully your baby is sleeping through the night by now!  🙂  If not, we can work on that.

Bedtime Routine:

  • feeding*

  • diaper change*

  • put on pj’s

  • darken the room

  • read a book or two

  • put on sleep sack

  • turn on the sound machine*

  • sing a lullaby or two

  • rock or sway for a few minutes

Feel free to do any or all of these elements of the bedtime routine, but I especially encourage the ones with asterisks, in that order.  You can also add others, but I would also recommend that you keep it simple and short enough to be effective, but not too long where it will be hard to be consistent with it.