Creating A Sleep-Conducive Nursery

It may make a significant difference in your baby’s sleep habits, if you change a few little things in your nursery.  Having a nightlight or a dim lamp can be really helpful for night feedings.  It’s helpful to keep the lights low  to minimize stimulation and signal that it’s night time,  the time for sleeping, not awake time.

Darkening curtains can help, too, if your baby’s room is fairly bright during the day.  For naps, it can help to signal to your baby that it’s time to sleep when it’s dark(er).

I really like a white noise machine, to help cancel out extra noises that may disrupt your baby’s sleep.  This isn’t necessary, but as adults, we generally sleep better, too, when things are quieter.  It can also cue your baby that it’s time to go to sleep when he hears the white noise.  When it’s daytime and time to be awake, then you can turn it off.

One of my favorite sound machines is the Homedics SoundSpa, and I prefer the rainfall setting with the volume most of the way up.  It sounds fairly loud, but it cancels out the noise much better that way.  When you have someone mowing your yard right next to your baby’s window, this can help to keep him asleep, particularly as he’s getting older.

When you want to wean him off, you can gradually decrease the volume, and then remove it.  Some parents really like to keep using it for years because it will help to simulate your home environment when you’re traveling.