Favorite Sleep Training Tools

A Fresh Parent.  If you are trying to make changes in your child’s sleep patterns and are already exhausted, it may be more effective to encourage the other parent to step in over a weekend and start making the changes, particularly if overnights are the biggest challenge.  It would be helpful to make sure you both are agreed as to how the changes are to be carried out, to be consistent, if the other parent takes the first few nights, and then you step in.

 2-3 Weeks of Dedicated Sleep Training Time.  If you can commit 2-3 weeks where you won’t travel or participate in other activities that will disrupt the sleep training changes you are trying to make, that consistency will really help to solidify those changes you are implementing.

 Consistency and Persistency.  Trying your best to be consistent in your planned responses to your child will go a long way.  If things are changing frequently, or if you revert back to your previous responses, the changes aren’t as likely to occur or stick.  As you are being consistent, you may need an extra dose of persistence and patience, if the challenge you are working through takes longer than you think it should.  With a family I was helping recently, each of their twins had a night where they cried for 1.5 hours (not totally constant, but calming down and revving up again).  It took some endurance to continue holding and soothing, but I knew it was worth it to reach our long term goal of better sleep for everyone! It’s a lot less crying in the long run, too, one rough night compared to many more tears over the next  few months if we didn’t fix the problem. The very next night was so much better, with either no wake ups, or very short wake ups before they would calm back to sleep.  There is hope!! 🙂