Newborn Sleep Routines

Newborns are so precious!  It’s an extra blessing that they are so moldable to create great sleep patterns from the very beginning!

Around 7:00 – 7:30 at night is a good time to start a bedtime routine, even as a newborn.  This is the easiest time to start a routine because most babies go to sleep so easily within the first few weeks.  Then, as they get older and not quite so sleepy, your routine can help them wind down and signal bedtime to them.

My favorite bedtime routine activities are:

  • feeding *

  • diaper change

  • changing into pj’s

  • darkening the room*

  • swaddling*

  • reading them a book (a study showed recognition for the same book read daily even in the womb!)

  • singing a soothing lullaby (or playing the same song or two every night)

  • turning on a white noise machine

  • rocking

You can do some or all of these activities, but I strongly encourage the ones with an asterisk, in that order.   I personally like to have some sweet time to sing and rock, but that is up to your preferences. 🙂