Newborns Are Easy To Sleep Train

Newborns are so sweet, and it’s nice that they are pretty flexible and easy to mold when there is so much change and transition happening.  Within the first few weeks of their life, it’s so easy to mold them into patterns that will serve you and them well longterm, and avoid many negative habits that are much harder to break later.

A common problem is to wean older babies from needing to eat to fall asleep, but if you feed a baby and then keep him awake during the day, this will help to avoid this sleep association.

When they are still so new and more sleepy, you can help them get drowsy and then put them in their cribs while they are still drowsy, but not fully asleep.   This helps them to finish putting themselves to sleep so that you are not needing to get them all the way to sleep for months (or years) to come. You may still need to soothe them for a few minutes in the crib with “shhh-ing” or gentle slight jiggling, but I wouldn’t offer that unless they need some extra help.

They also are generally flexible to ease into the routine that you know will be good for them and meet their needs, and this seems to create the most peace for them and for you.