Pacifiers and 4 Month Olds

In my post on “Pacifiers’ Impact on Sleep”, I mentioned a situation with 4 month old twins where one of the babies became more dependent on the pacifier once he was done with overnight feedings.  He started waking 6-10 times a night looking for the paci.  When he was given the paci, he soothed and went right back to sleep within a couple of minutes.

 The night we limited the paci to 30 seconds, or 60 seconds when he was more upset, he protested with lots of crying.  The most intense time, he cried most of an hour and a half , even while he was being held, before we finally letting him have the paci longer.  We hated for him to miss so much sleep and be upset for so long, but we knew it was in his and his parents’ best interests long term to help him learn to sleep without needing the paci to be given back so many times during the night.

 The next 2 nights, he slept through over 9 hours before he awoke looking for the paci!!  Great progress!  He seemed to learn quite a bit even over that one night!  Not all babies may learn that quickly, but should start making some progress over a relatively short period of time.  We also snipped off the end of the paci so that when he did get the paci, it wouldn’t be as satisfying, both during the day and night.  If that wasn’t effective enough, our plan was to snip off a little more and a little more til it just wasn’t worth it for him to suck on it.