Pacifiers and Newborns

As I mentioned in the previous post, I think pacifiers can be a useful tool, for newborns as well as older babies.  Overall, though, I would encourage limiting the use of the pacifier only to instances when they are struggling and fussy as they are trying to go sleep.

If it’s offered routinely when the baby is contented, pretty soon, babies start relying on it to go to sleep and often, to stay asleep.  Then, it can be start to be more of a nuisance to make sure you have a paci close at hand at all times, and to keep it from falling out of  the baby’s mouth so the baby doesn’t awaken.

In my opinion, newborns are generally easier to soothe than older babies, and so this also makes it easier for the baby not to need the pacifier as much.  I know newborns can have very fussy periods, and the paci can be very handy for those times.  Usually, though, unless the baby is overtired, overstimulated, or has a significant challenges with reflux, those really fussy periods should be infrequent in a newborn.