Safer Co-Sleeping Options

Co-sleeping is an option that many parents consider, and I think sleeping in close proximity to your baby has its benefits and risks. Some parents put their baby directly with them in their bed, and there are little beds for the baby that you can put in your bed, like this one.  I know parents that really like this option, and they have put this little bed right next to their bed, to be close to their baby, to have easy access for night feedings, and to save space in cramped quarters.

My personal favorite is the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, which is a crib that attaches to your bed, with a side rail that comes down to help you easily reach your baby, while still having separate sleeping spaces. This seems like one of the safer options for co-sleeping, because there is much less risk of your baby getting trapped up in your bedding or pillows, and he has his own space that you can keep free of any bedding. I do like the close proximity this co-sleeper allows, though, if that brings more peace of mind and ease for night feedings.  The Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper Mini Convertible also converts to a free standing bassinet and playard, which can be handy for travel and many other situations.

One of the downsides of co-sleeping is that you may be prone to arouse more frequently when your baby makes normal night noises, but isn’t actually awake. It may create a habit of frequent night wakings if you arouse, and feed him, when he wasn’t actually awake and ready to eat.  When he gets accustomed to this, any little partial arousal may bring on a full arousal from sleep, and he may have difficulty going back to sleep without the customary feeding.   If you were fed chocolate every time you awakened, you may be prone to awaken more frequently at night, too. I’m definitely not discouraging meeting your baby’s needs to feed at night, but I’ve heard of many who awaken much more frequently than they’d even need to eat in the daytime.