Sleep Training

Gentle Sleep Training is a long distance service where I give you information, support, and tools over the phone and email to help you change your child’s sleep habits in your own home.  My support includes customized sleep plans, consultations, articles on my website, and phone and email support, at the level you need.  In the consultation, I offer options and varied approaches to create a customized sleep plan that works best for your parenting style and your family’s unique needs.

I can help your baby(ies) under 18 months of age to:

  • Sleep longer stretches at night

  • Eliminate all night feedings (as age and weight appropriate)

  • Nap better and longer during the day

  • Get on a routine for feeding, playing, and sleeping

  • Get to sleep earlier in the evening and sleep longer in the morning

I believe in using gentle methods to change your child’s sleep patterns, and I won’t encourage you to “cry it out.”  The methods I suggest may involve some tears, but you can be right there with your child, soothing and nurturing him.  These methods are effective, and may only take 2-3 weeks to change his habits, if you are consistent.  When you are thinking about when to start our gentle sleep training, I encourage you to pick a 2- 3 week window where you won’t be doing any travelling, and you can really hone in changing sleep patterns.

It’s never too early to start shaping sleep patterns!  I can help you set up a sleep plan even before your baby is born so that things are as smooth as possible when you bring your sweet baby home.  If you start with great sleep habits as a newborn, you shouldn’t have to fix bigger problems later.  As they get older, it tends to be a little harder to change patterns, but it’s really not that difficult, even then.

Please spread the word to family and friends who may also be really desiring to change their families’ sleep patterns!